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Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers

I've never used a recruiting agency how does it work?

We work to understand your career goals in order to find a position and company that are the right fit for you. We have access to and seek out a wide range of openings at top companies in your area. With experience placing candidates, we recognize marketable skills and offer services to help our clients polish their resumes and prepare for interviews.

How do I know that TruNorth Solutions LLC is the right consulting agency for me?

TruNorth Solutions can help place clients all over the country. With our vast access to job opportunities, we focus on your career goals and former experience to help place you in an area you desire and a company you can be successful in.

What are the benefits of working with TruNorth Solutions?

Working with TruNorth Solutions allows you to have greater access to more specialized employment opportunities. We help place you in top companies with competitive pay and desirable benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never used a staffing agency how does it work?

TruNorth Solutions takes the time to understand the unique hiring needs of your company in order to seek out candidates that are exceptional fits for the role(s) you need filled. We work with highly-skilled professionals with varying levels of experience in order to bring our clients engaged, proficient and industrious professionals to help make your company better.

I have multiple positions that need to be filled can you help?

Yes. We expertly handle multiple roles within companies. Tell us your hiring needs and we’ll do the rest. We seek to satisfy the needs of your business by connecting you with candidates of varying backgrounds who are a quality fit for each individual position and are eager to be a part of your company.

How quickly can you fill my position?

TruNorth Solutions is committed to working diligently and will start seeking out candidates immediately. We do our best to provide results as soon as possible and are committed to finding you an experienced candidate who is bound to be successful within your organization.

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