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Recruiting | Talent Acquisition | Consulting

Our Mission:

To bridge the gap between employers and top caliber talent by ethically sourcing diverse, qualified, and dependable candidates.

We focus on supporting local candidates and businesses in their pursuit to find the right career match.  Our services include recruiting, talent acquisition, and executive search.  We are local to Minnesota, but our outstanding service spans across the United States.  


“Why TruNorth Solutions?”

Our key differentiator is our unique approach to providing talent consultation.  We utilize data points to accurately provide insight on the desired candidate(s) salary and then formulate an hourly bill rate for our services that is on average 15% less expensive per hire than utilizing a search firm for permanent placement.  We find that this dynamic approach creates more strategic consultations, better engagement, and higher candidate success rate.


  TruNorth Solutions aims to identify first-rate candidates for each role we are assigned and believes in a multi-tiered canvassing process when searching for a wide range of talent. TruNorth Solutions knows that each candidate is one-of-a-kind, so we take the time to understand their desires, skills, and experiences. We also understand every position has unique qualities and complexities that can make it challenging to find the best match, but TruNorth Solutions is here to find the right fit for your organization.

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